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Guns Plus is the only shop in Arizona to stock Cowboy Mounted shooting guns and supplies. Our guns are competition ready for mounted shooting!

We also stock holsters, Buffalo Blanks and other supplies!

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Cimarron Thunderer 45LCCimarron Thunderer
Cimarron Thunderball 45LCCimmarron Thunderball 45LC


Cimarron Thunderstorm 45LCCimmarron Thunderstorm 45LC


NOTE: Beware of fakes! The ‘Thunderer ®’ was designed in 1990 by Cimarron founder and president “Texas Jack” Harvey and is produced only by A. Uberti exclusively for Cimarron Firearms Co.

To paraphrase the famed film director John Ford, ”If this isn’t the way the old west six guns were, it’s the way they should have been!’ Firearms buffs have often wondered why the single action was never produced in the 19th century with the grips of the double-action Thunderer ® revolvers. Now you can have the best of both worlds, in four handsome and practical barrel lengths. The compact 3 1/2-incher is a superb carry single-action. This mating of two popular frontier six-shooters has given birth to one of today’s most sought after single action wheel guns!”
- Phil Spangenberger -

Cimarron Thunderer 45LC

Regular Price: $605
CMSA/SASS Price: $499

Cimarron Thunderball 45LC

Regular Price: $699
CMSA/SASS Price: $620

Cimarron Thunderstorm 45LC

Regular Price: $989
CMSA/SASS Price: $880



Ruger Vaquero
Ruger Vaquero 4 5/8" S/S 45 LC

Ruger Vaquero Birdshead Grip
Ruger Vaquero 4 5/8" S/S 45 LC, Birdshead grip

Ruger Montado
Ruger Montado 3 3/4" S/S 45 LC

Original Old West Single-Action Look, Size and Feel. Since its introduction in 1993, the Ruger® Vaquero® has dominated the cowboy action shooting world and earned its reputation for rugged reliability due to its strength and mechanical superiority. It is often referred to as "the gun that won the New West" because of its widespread popularity among single-action shooters and cowboy action competitors.

The Ruger Vaquero combines the original Old West single-action look and feel with new features. The mid-size steel frame and cylinder are scaled-down to the same size as the original 1955 Ruger Blackhawk®, closely resembling the classic single-action revolvers of the late 1800's.

Ruger Vaquero 45LC

Regular Price: $669
CMSA/SASS Price: $575

Ruger Vaquero 45LC, Birdshead Grip

Regular Price: $749
CMSA/SASS Price: $570

With gunsmithing (mounted shooters package)
Regular Price: $925
CMSA/SASS Price: $795

Ruger Montado

Regular Price: $775
CMSA/SASS Price: $690

With gunsmithing (mounted shooters package)
Regular Price: $890
CMSA/SASS Price: $795


EMF Hartford Carbine

EMF Hartford Carbine 45LC


The Winchester Model 1892 rifle was designed as a replacement for the 1873.  It incorporated a much stronger action than the earlier lever action firearms of the 1860's and 1870's.  Although Winchester phased the Model 1892 out in the 1930's, the Model 1892 has continued to be popular with Cowboy Action Shooters and hunters.  EMF's Hartford 1892's were manufactured by the Brazilian arms maker, Rossi.  By using updated materials and production techniques, the Model 1892's action is strong enough to chamber high pressure handgun rounds, such as .357Mag & .44Mag.  While earlier rifles and shotguns actually "Won the West", the majority of lever action rifles seen in classic Hollywood Westerns are 1892 Carbines.  These were famously carried by John Wayne in dozens of films, Clint Eastwood in "Rawhide", and Chuck Conners in "The Rifleman".


EMF Great Western II Pony Express

EMF Great Western II Pony Express

1873 Great Western II Stainless Steel

The Great Western II Stainless Steel revolvers combine all the advantages of modern technology with the classic single action revovler design.


EMF Pony Express 45LC

Regular Price: $825
CMSA/SASS Price: $750


Taylor Running Irons 45LC

Taylor Running' Iron 45LC


Runnin' Iron Revolver

Taylor's & Co. is proud to introduce the Runnin' Iron, a light, efficient, balanced single action pistol designed specifically for the sport of Mounted Shooting. Inspired by mounted shooter and Wild West entertainer Denny Chapman and designed by third-generation Wild West Showman and gunsmith Deke Rivers, the Runnin' Iron has been created by cowboys with years of black powder blank shooting experience in the harshest environments.

Offered in stainless steel or blue finish, the Runnin' Iron features a low and wide hammer spur; checkered, one-piece, gunfighter-style grips in walnut or black polymer; a wide trigger; second-generation transverse cylinder pin latch; crescent-style ejector rod; reduced-power spring kit; and extra clearance at the front and rear of the cylinder. These features make the Runnin' Iron the lightest and most efficient mounted shooting gun on the market. The Runnin' Iron comes ready to shoot, out of the box, with no additional modifications needed.

Taylor Running' Iron 45LC

Regular Price: $839
CMSA/SASS Price: $750


Custom Snakeskin Holster

Custom Snakeskin Holster

Custom Cowboy Mounted Shooting Holsters

From : $250

Carri-Lite Corrals Carri-Lite Corrals

Regular Price: $799 +shipping
CMSA/SASS Price: $719 + $99 shipping.
Buffalo Blanks

Buffalo Blanks

CMSA/SASS Price: $97.50 -250rds
Rifle: $65.00 for 100rds












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